sneks on a plane

… ok, well, in a few hours i will be on a plane (for the first time in, uh, seven years?). tonight i am gonna eat sushi in toronto!

(I keep saying that to myself because then it sounds cool and awesome, as opposed to ‘but first i will spend eight hours squashed into a small seat trying not to panic’.)

and then a few hours after that I GET TO SEE MY PARTNER AGAIN and this is pretty much the best thing ever. just got a horribly long plane journey to get through and then PARTNER.

but i have packed crochet and downloaded books and tv shows and games and bought a weird fancy travel pillow that kinda wraps around the side of your head like a friendly facehugger so who knows, maybe this will be the miraculous thing that allows me to sleep sitting up finally?

so nervous. so excited.

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